Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

If you’re a pharmaceutical representative, you’ve most likely had to deal with the challenge of storing your inventory or samples. You may have been keeping them in your office or in the car, but neither of these is ideal. You need to store pharmaceutical samples in a place that is highly secure and climate-controlled in order to comply with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. You also need a place that is conveniently located in relation to your territory and has expanded hours of access so that you can easily store or retrieve products or samples. Lastly, you need a place that can accept packages on your behalf and store them in your storage unit. West Coast Self-Storage is the perfect option for you.

Storage Conditions for Pharmaceuticals

In order to store pharmaceuticals correctly, you’ll want to make sure the storage facility has the following pharmaceutical storage conditions:


All of our facilities are highly secure, featuring round-the-clock digital video surveillance, fingerprint or personalized pin code access at all entry points, and cylinder locks, the most secure locks in the storage industry.


Due to temperature and humidity limits in the pharmaceutical industry, climate-controlled storage is extremely important. Many of our facilities are climate-controlled, allowing us to maintain a consistent temperature year-round. While most of the facilities are not humidistatically controlled, the humidity range is kept fairly narrow with climate-control. Lighting is also either motion-regulated or time-based to ensure that your inventory is not overly exposed to light.


Our long access hours mean that you have the flexibility of getting to your storage items when you need to. Headed to some appointments in the AM? Our storage access begins at 6:00 am 7-days/week. Need to drop off new inventory before heading home or between stops? Unit access is open until 10:00 pm.

Centralized Billing

If needed, we can arrange it so that your company receives one monthly invoice rather than each of your company’s reps having to rent a unit separately.

Delivery Acceptance 

You may be getting a lot of product shipments. Instead of having them shipped to your office, which then gives you a trip to your storage unit, have them delivered directly to our facility. We’ll sign for them and place them in your unit. Storage of pharmaceutical products has never been easier! 

Medical Equipment Storage

Renting a storage unit can also be great for medical reps in other fields such as the orthopedic hardware, dental equipment or chiropractic fields. Not only do you de-clutter your home-office or car, but you can keep samples/inventory organized and better managed. We offer a variety of unit sizes to choose from, so chances are, we have a size that fits your needs to a T.*

*Any radioactive equipment or supplies cannot be kept in our storage.

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