Storage Lacey, WA at 3933-B Pacific Ave SE

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey is a brand-new self-storage facility that’s loaded with the features you need and the expert service you want. We’re located at 3933-B Pacific Ave SE, south of I-5 and just west of Sleater Kinney Rd SE. This makes us easily accessible from downtown Lacey, or east Olympia. If you’re running of space at your home or apartment, we have the additional storage you need!

New Storage Units

If you’ve ever rented a storage unit, you may have had a “3-D” experience. What is that you ask? This stands for Dark, Damp, & Dirty. When you rent a storage unit at West Coast Self-Storage, you get the opposite: bright, dry, clean storage units that are brand-new and ready for your stuff! Our storage units range in size from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30 and are heated for your comfort and the protection of your belongings.

Security – A Top Priority for Us

When you rent a storage unit, you most likely hope your stuff will be there when you come back to get it. We think this is super important too. That’s why we’ve invested in loads of cool security features including 24-hour recorded video monitoring with digital cameras throughout the property, personal pin-code entry, touchless key-fob access, and high-security cylinder locks on storage unit doors.

We’re Here to Help

Our storage experts are here to help you find the right solution for all your storage needs.

More Great Reasons to Choose West Coast Self-Storage

Drive Up Access Storage Units

Covered Loading Area

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, rain (and sometimes snow) just comes with the territory. That’s why West Coast Self-Storage Lacey incorporated a covered loading and unloading area into our design. You’ll be dry and comfortable as you move in and out of your storage unit.

Moving Boxes & Supplies

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey has a complete retail store offering moving boxes in a range of sizes from small to large. We also feature specialty boxes for things like dishes, glasses, mirrors, lamps, and more. Our packaging supplies include blister wrap, peanuts, packing tape, plastic wrap, packing paper and more.

Rent Online

Find the perfect storage unit, fill in your information, sign your lease and head right to your new space. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the rental process can be done from any device.

About our Lacey, Washington Storage Location

We chose our location on Pacific Ave SE because it’s one of the main thoroughfares through the city of Lacey. It’s also very easy to get to, being just south of the interstate. Our storage facility is surrounded by a great deal of businesses, so if you can take care of a number of errands before or after visiting us. If you’ve got car repair needs, you’ll find us next to the Midas Shop and across the street from O’Reilly Auto Parts. If you’re hungry and want a quick bite, Carl’s Jr and Taco Bell are just west of us. If you’d prefer a sit-down place, Koibito Sushi Restaurant is about two blocks east of us. And if you need groceries, Fred Meyer and Target are nearby.

If you’re thinking of moving to the Lacey area, read our blog post 7 Best Neighborhoods in Lacey, WA to find the right place to live.

Self-Storage Facility Near Olympia, WA

If you’re looking for a top-tier self-storage facility in the east Olympia, WA area, look no further than West Coast Self-Storage in Lacey. With a variety of heated storage unit sizes, affordable rates, and unbeatable security measures, our facility offers the ideal storage solution for your needs. Our Pacific Ave SE location is just a few blocks from Olympia, making it convenient for you to drop off or pick up your belongings whenever you need to.

Student Storage

Are you (or one of your kids) attending one of our local colleges and universities such as Saint Martin’s University or Charter College? Our storage units are perfect for keeping your dorm furniture and other items over the summer. Need help deciding which size to get? Use our handy Storage Unit Size Guide to get a better idea.

Frequently Asked Questions 3933-B Pacific Ave SE

Where can I find cheap storage units in Lacey?

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey offers great introductory deals on storage units starting as low as $30. These can include whether the unit is drive-up or indoor, ground level or upper level, heated or non-heated. Visit our units page to reserve or move in.

Are there heated storage units in Lacey?

Yes. West Coast Self-Storage Lacey on Pacific Ave SE offers heated storage units to ensure your belongings are protected from swings in temperature that the South Sound gets.

Where can I buy moving boxes in Lacey?

You can buy moving boxes and packing supplies at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey on Pacific Ave SE. Our moving boxes come in a range of sizes from small to large. We also offer specialty boxes for items such as mirrors, glasses, lamps, dishes, and more. Our packing supplies include products such as bubble wrap, packing tape, packing peanuts, plastic wrap, and more.

Where can I find business storage in Lacey?

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey on Pacific Ave SE offers storage units that are perfect for small businesses. Our storage units can be used for items such as inventory, supplies, office furniture, and files.

Where can I store a car in Lacey?

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey on Pacific Ave SE has a number of drive-up accessible units that may fit your vehicle. Call us to determine if your vehicle will fit into one of our units.

Storage Unit Sizes Tailored for You

At West Coast Self-Storage Lacey, we recognize the individuality of your storage requirements. Our selection of storage unit sizes is varied, ensuring a perfect match for any item you need to store.

5 x 5 Storage Unit

This heated storage unit at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey is perfect for personal belongings such as holiday ornaments, athletic gear, or a handful of containers. It’s the ideal solution when you need just a bit more space, functioning as an extra closet outside your residence.

5 x 10 Storage Unit

Situated in Lacey, this heated storage unit is comparable to a walk-in closet and can comfortably house a queen-size bed, a chest of drawers, a television, and multiple boxes. It’s a superb choice for safeguarding the contents of a single room while remodeling or in the interim of relocation.

7.5 x 10 Storage Unit

This mid-sized, heated storage unit at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey bridges the gap between small and large storage needs. It can easily store larger items like motorcycles, bulky sports equipment, or extensive business inventory, making it a versatile option for various storage scenarios.

10 x 10 Storage Unit

Resembling the size of a standard bedroom, this heated storage unit at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey can hold the entirety of a one-bedroom apartment’s contents, including complete furniture sets, a kitchen appliance, and numerous sizable boxes. It’s the quintessential choice for those in the midst of moving or seeking additional storage space for a short period.

10 x 15 Storage Unit

This spacious, heated storage unit at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey is capable of storing the furnishings and containers from a two-bedroom dwelling or a modest home. Conveniently located in Lacey, it’s ideally suited for families in transition or as a long-term storage remedy.

10 x 20 Storage Unit

The 10 x 20 heated storage unit offers 200 sq ft of space and is perfect for stowing away the belongings of a more substantial residence, including several bedrooms, large furniture pieces, appliances, and even a vehicle or for commercial storage purposes. This dimension is perfect for major life changes or for business inventory needs.

10 x 25 Storage Unit

Our grandest heated storage unit, the 10 x 25 at West Coast Self-Storage Lacey, offers an immense area that can accommodate the contents of a full-sized house, inclusive of living room suites, bedroom sets, home appliances, and a car or work-related storage. Ideal for significant residential moves or for businesses requiring extensive storage space.

Each unit is designed to provide a secure, heated environment for your possessions, ensuring they remain in pristine condition no matter the duration of storage. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply decluttering, West Coast Self-Storage Lacey has the storage solution for you.

Resources for Moving to Lacey

If you’re thinking of moving to Lacey, you’ll be stepping into a city that seamlessly blends suburban comfort with natural splendor. Lacey is a welcoming community nestled in the heart of Western Washington, boasting a rich cultural heritage, ample outdoor recreation, and a family-friendly atmosphere. With its proximity to major cities like Seattle and Olympia, and easy access to pristine forests and waterways, it’s a place where you can enjoy both metropolitan conveniences and the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Embrace the warmth of a city that prides itself on its inclusive spirit and unparalleled quality of life.

Moving Checklist

  1. Research: Start by gathering information about Lacey, including neighborhoods, schools, and local services.
  2. Budgeting: Create a moving budget to manage expenses such as moving services, packing supplies, and travel costs.
  3. Hiring Movers: If needed, research and hire a reputable moving company well in advance.
  4. Packing: Begin packing non-essential items early, and label boxes by room and contents.
  5. Utilities: Set up utilities in your new home, including water, electricity, gas, internet, and cable.
  6. Address Change: Update your address with the post office, banks, and other important institutions.
  7. Schools: If you have children, arrange for their school records to be transferred to their new school.
  8. Medical Records: Transfer medical records to new healthcare providers in Lacey.
  9. Insurance: Update your home, auto, and health insurance for your new location.
  10. Emergency Kit: Pack an emergency kit with essentials you’ll need on moving day and the first few days after.
  11. Essentials Box: Prepare a box of essentials that includes toiletries, medications, chargers, and important documents.
  12. Final Walkthrough: Do a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind.
  13. Travel Arrangements: Confirm travel arrangements for you, your family, and any pets.
  14. New Home Preparation: Clean and prepare your new home for move-in, or arrange for a cleaning service.
  15. Unpacking Plan: Have a plan for unpacking and setting up your new home to make the process smoother.
  16. Community Engagement: Explore ways to get involved in the community to start building your new network.

Neighborhood Guide

Each Lacey neighborhood has its own distinctive character, amenities, and housing options, catering to different lifestyles. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly community, a vibrant urban vibe, or a serene natural escape, Lacey has something to offer!

Lacey Downtown: This historic district offers a glimpse into Lacey’s past, with charming homes, local shops, and a vibrant community atmosphere. Expect to find a mix of architectural styles and a walkable environment.

Tanglewilde: A family-oriented neighborhood with a range of housing options, from single-family homes to townhouses. Residents enjoy easy access to parks, schools, and shopping centers.

Meridian Campus: Home to several institutions of higher learning, including South Puget Sound Community College, this neighborhood offers a diverse range of housing options and a lively student atmosphere.

Woodland Square: This upscale neighborhood offers luxury homes with breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and parks. Residents enjoy a peaceful environment and proximity to hiking trails.

Mullen Road: A diverse neighborhood with a blend of residential and commercial areas, Mullen Road offers a variety of housing options and convenient access to major routes.

Horizon Pointe: A newer development with a mix of single-family homes and townhouses, Horizon Pointe is a family-friendly neighborhood with parks, walking trails, and a community center.

Nisqually: Situated near the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, this neighborhood offers a more rural feel with larger lots and easy access to outdoor recreation.



Cost of Living in Lacey

Lacey offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to many other cities in Western Washington, while still providing access to the region’s amenities and job opportunities. Here’s an overview:

While the cost of living in Lacey is slightly higher than the national average, it remains more affordable compared to many neighboring cities in the Puget Sound region, making it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between affordability and access to the Pacific Northwest’s amenities.

Education in Lacey

Lacey is served by several excellent educational institutions, offering a range of options for students of all ages:

Public Schools: The North Thurston Public Schools district includes well-regarded institutions like River Ridge High School, celebrated for their comprehensive academic and extracurricular offerings.

Private Schools: St. Michael Parish School provides a faith-based education from preschool to 8th grade, while Olympia Waldorf School offers a holistic learning approach based on the Waldorf education model.

Higher Education: South Puget Sound Community College in Lacey presents affordable associate degrees and pathways to four-year universities. In nearby Olympia, The Evergreen State College is known for its public liberal arts education with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies.

Special Programs: The district’s Lacey Elementary Academic Program (LEAP) delivers an enriched curriculum tailored for gifted and highly capable students from 1st to 5th grade.

Employment Opportunities in Lacey

Lacey’s job market is diverse, reflecting the city’s strategic location and proximity to major employment hubs:

Major Employers: Significant employers in Lacey include North Thurston Public Schools, MultiCare Health System, and the Washington State Department of Corrections. These institutions play a crucial role in the local economy by providing numerous job opportunities.

Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in Lacey was reported at 4.7% in February 2024. This figure is indicative of the city’s economic conditions and labor market trends.

Employment Resources: For employment assistance, Lacey residents can turn to WorkSource Washington centers for job search support and career services. Additionally, the Thurston County Economic Development Council offers valuable resources for business development and employment opportunities in the region.



Healthcare Facilities in Lacey

Lacey residents have access to a range of healthcare facilities to meet their medical needs:

MultiCare Health System: A not-for-profit healthcare organization providing comprehensive services including hospitals, primary care, urgent care, and specialty services.

Providence St. Peter Hospital: A full-service hospital in nearby Olympia offering emergency care, surgical services, and specialized treatment in areas such as cancer, heart disease, and women’s health.

Kaiser Permanente Olympia Medical Center: Part of the Kaiser Permanente network, this facility provides primary care, specialty services, and outpatient procedures.

Sea Mar Community Health Centers: A community health center offering comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral health services, with a focus on serving underserved populations.

Public Transportation in Lacey

Lacey offers several public transportation options to help residents and visitors navigate the city and surrounding areas:

Intercity Transit: The local bus system operates routes throughout Lacey, connecting to nearby cities such as Olympia and Tumwater, as well as regional transit hubs.

Amtrak: The Amtrak Cascades line provides rail service from the Lacey Transit Center to destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C.

Rideshare Services: Rideshare options like Uber and Lyft are available for convenient, on-demand transportation within Lacey and the surrounding areas.

Local Attractions in Lacey

Lacey offers a variety of attractions and activities that cater to a range of interests:

Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge: A premier destination for wildlife observation, featuring over 3,000 acres of tidal mudflats, freshwater marshes, and grasslands, ideal for bird watching, hiking, and photography.

Lacey Maker Space: A creative hub offering a community workshop and educational space with classes, tools, and resources for crafts like woodworking and 3D printing.

Lacey Museum: This museum presents the city’s history through engaging exhibits and artifacts housed in the historic Russell House.

WET Science Center: An educational center focused on water education, offering interactive exhibits and activities related to water conservation and treatment.

Olympic Flight Museum: An aviation museum located at the Olympia Airport, showcasing a collection of vintage aircraft and offering educational programs and events.

Annual Events and Festivals in Lacey

Lacey’s calendar is filled with a variety of events and festivals that celebrate the city’s rich culture and community spirit:

Lacey Spring Fun Fair: An annual event featuring carnival rides, games, food vendors, and live entertainment.

Lacey Ethnic Celebration: A multicultural festival celebrating the diversity of the Lacey community through music, dance, food, and more.

Lacey Fireworks Spectacular: This event is a community favorite, celebrating Independence Day with a stunning fireworks display, food vendors, and live entertainment.

Lacey in Tune Concert Series: A summer concert series featuring a diverse range of musical acts and performances.

Lacey Harvest Festival: A celebration of the autumn season, featuring a farmers’ market, pumpkin patch, carnival rides, and live music.

Safety and Crime Rates in Lacey

Lacey is committed to maintaining public safety and fostering a secure community for its residents:

Overall Crime Rate: The total crime rate in Lacey is reported as 3,660.6 incidents per 100,000 people, which is higher than the national average.

Violent Crime: The violent crime rate in Lacey is approximately 2.07 incidents per 1,000 residents, which is lower than the national median of 4 incidents per 1,000 residents.

Property Crime: The property crime rate in Lacey is about 32.42 incidents per 1,000 residents, which is higher than the national average.

Law Enforcement: The Lacey Police Department is dedicated to maintaining public safety and can be contacted at 911 for emergencies. For non-emergencies, the department can be reached at (360) 459-4333.

Utilities and Services in Lacey

Setting up essential services in Lacey is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:

Electricity: Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is the primary electricity provider. To start or transfer service, call (888) 225-5773 or visit the PSE website.

Natural Gas: Cascade Natural Gas offers natural gas services in Lacey. To set up service, call (888) 522-1130 or visit the Cascade Natural Gas website.

Internet and Cable: Major providers in Lacey include Xfinity and CenturyLink. For current packages and services, you can contact them directly or visit their websites. Wave Broadband is also a provider, but it may be beneficial to check for the most current services and providers in the area as these can change.

Waste Disposal: LeMay Pacific Disposal, a division of Waste Connections, provides waste management and recycling services in Lacey. You can set up service by calling (360) 923-0111 or visiting the LeMay Pacific Disposal website.

Community Resources in Lacey

Lacey offers a range of community resources to foster a strong sense of community and provide support to its residents:

Community Centers

Lacey Community Center: A multi-purpose facility hosting various events, classes, and recreational activities for all ages, including a swimming pool and fitness center.

Virgil Clarkson Lacey Senior Center: Offering a variety of programs and services tailored to the needs of older adults, including social activities, health and wellness classes, and resources for caregivers.


Lacey Timberland Library: Part of the Timberland Regional Library system, this branch provides access to books, digital resources, and community programs.

Parks and Recreation

Lacey Regional Athletic Complex: Regarded as one of the finest outdoor sporting venues in the state, this complex boasts spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and features premium synthetic field turf for soccer, baseball, and fastpitch. It includes picnic areas, playgrounds, concession stands, and trails, making it a hub for sports and family activities.

Woodland Creek Community Park: Spanning 72 acres, this park is a community treasure with covered picnic shelters, barbecue grills, play equipment, and paved walkways. Longs Pond is at the heart of the park, offering year-round fishing for youth. It’s also home to the Lacey Community Center, the Lacey Senior Center, and a disc golf course.

Point Defiance Park: A 760-acre urban oasis in Tacoma, Point Defiance Park offers an array of attractions including hiking trails, gardens, a zoo, and an aquarium. It’s a sanctuary for nature lovers and families looking for an outdoor escape.

Wright Park: Known for its arboretum and botanical conservatory, Wright Park is a great spot for a peaceful stroll or a family picnic.

Titlow Park: This park offers beach access, trails, and a playground, making it ideal for various recreational activities and dining at the nearby family restaurant.

Chinese Reconciliation Park: A park that combines history with scenic views, offering a waterfront sit or picnic area and a chance to learn about the history of Chinese immigrants in Tacoma.

About Us

West Coast Self-Storage Lacey is located at 3933-B Pacific Ave SE in Lacey, WA. Are you ready to make room for life? Give us a call or visit us today!


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