Commercial Storage

For businesses, space comes at a premium. If you lease commercial real estate, you’ve probably seen your rent increasing quickly over the last few years. This spike in rent is happening all over the country, with the highest increases being seen on the West Coast. With a limited inventory of space available, expanding your office to allow for storage isn’t the financially prudent thing to do.

The solution to your space shortage could be to rent a storage unit. The advantages to renting space in a storage facility are many.

Lower Cost

Typically, the cost per square foot is much lower than commercial real estate.

Short Leases

Normally, commercial real estate requires lease lengths that vary anywhere from one to five years. Not so with our storage. At West Coast Self-Storage, all our facilities offer month-to-month lease arrangements. Plus, there’s no deposit or last month’s rent to deal with.


Unlike in commercially-leased properties, with us, there’s no charge for heat or lighting.

Read our Blog post “Does Your Business Need Storage Space” to see additional benefits.

What Types of Businesses Rent Storage?

The truth is, most businesses run into storage needs at one point or another. Some of the more common businesses using storage are:

Home Builders/Contractors – Storage units are great ways to store specific equipment safely, rather than keeping these items in vehicles or on the job-site. Also, by renting storage that is centrally-located, getting to and from a job site with your equipment becomes much easier.

Realtors – Real Estate professionals typically have a large number of promotional items such as yard signs to store. A small storage unit keeps your garage free of this advertising clutter.

Pharmaceutical or other Medical Field Reps – If you’re in the pharmaceutical or medical products industry, chances are that you need a reliable, climate-controlled place to store your pharmaceutical samples or inventory.

Retail Businesses – Retailers often have limited storage with which to keep inventory. A nearby storage unit can solve the situation.

Accountants/CPAs – These professionals need a secure facility to store their clients’ files. We offer three layers of protection with 24-hour digital video monitoring, unique pin code entry access, and cylinder locks on each unit. Many of our units are also alarmed for added protection.

Restaurants – Most restaurants just don’t have a lot of extra storage space for things like files and documents. Read about how Marination is using West Coast Self-Storage to store their files.

Equipment Rental Businesses – Extra rental items can be stored in our easy-access, drive-up storage units. With the long access hours, getting these pieces of equipment out when you need to rent them is easy.

Book Publishers – Overcup Press keeps their excess inventory at a West Coast Self-Storage-managed property. Read about Overcup Press on our blog.

These are just a few of the many business types that can take advantage of renting a storage space. If you are thinking about expanding or need a solution to your business storage issues, please find the West Coast Self-Storage facility nearest you. Our store managers have years of experience working with businesses to help them solve their storage needs and would be more than happy to show you around.

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