How to Properly Store Wine

If you’re a wine collector or in the wine business, you know the importance of properly storing wine. West Coast Self-Storage has a number of facilities with dedicated wine storage vaults. We are dedicated to providing you with a wine storage environment that is optimal for long term aging.

Our Wine Storage Amenities

We offer wine storage in a variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate small or large wine collections. Our facilities that offer wine storage include a number of important features such as:

  • Thermostatically-controlled environments for optimum storage
  • Nicely-appointed tasting lounges to allow you and your guests a private area for sampling your wine
  • Top-level security including 24-7 recorded video surveillance, personalized security code access, and highly secure cylinder locks to ensure that your wine is safe and secure
  • Long access hours and on-staff wine storage professionals that can assist you with any needs you may have to make access to your wine easy and convenient
  • Variety of wine shipping supplies to allow for safe transport of your wine
  • Ability to accept wine shipments directly from wineries on your behalf

Proper Wine Storage Considerations

There are a number of factors to consider when storing wine including temperature, humidity, light, and orientation.

What Temperature to Store Wine

Proper temperature control is an important aspect of storing wine. Wine is especially vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature. If exposed to a high temperature over 77°F for long periods of time, the wine may become rancid or off-flavor. Conversely, if the wine is kept in an area that is too cold (at or near freezing) the wine may expand forcing the cork out and exposing the wine to oxygen. The goal with wine is to keep it at a constant temperature year-round. Most experts put this temperature at 55°F.

Ideal Humidity for Wine Storage

Humidity, like temperature, needs to kept at a consistent level in order to store wine correctly. Some think that all humidity should be removed. In actuality, a level of humidity is needed in order to keep the cork from drying out and exposing the wine to air. Our wine experts recommend keeping the humidity level at 70%.

How Does Light Affect Wine?

Direct incandescent light or sunlight has the potential to harm wines by reacting with their phenolic compounds. White wines and sparkling wines are particularly affected by light. Our facilities use motion activated lights, which significantly reduces light exposure.

Wine Bottle Storage Angle

Most experts suggest storing wine on its side in order for the wine to maintain contact with cork, which keeps the cork moist and enlarged, thereby blocking outside air from entering the bottle. Our wine lockers are oriented to allow for this type of storage.

If you have a wine collection that has outgrown your home or business storage capacity, consider storing at one of our locations offering wine storage lockers.

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