Santa Must Need Storage, Right?

First of all, let us wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. During this time of the year, our thoughts tend to drift toward existential concepts that make life interesting. One of those thoughts that permeated our brain recently was how big the North Pole would need to be to house all the presents that Santa has to deliver on a yearly basis.

santa claus - christmasSo, we took it upon ourselves to do some poorly thought-out mathematical calculations. The World Bank calculates that as of 2020 there are approximately 7.8 billion people on the planet. Of that, 2.2 billion are children. Without getting too mired in the complexities of this scenario, let’s just say that if each child got one present, we’d be looking at 2.2 billion presents. Now, let’s say that each present comes in a 10” x 10” x 10” box. If Santa needed to store all these presents and wanted to rent storage units for the purpose, he would need 1,273,140 – 10 x 10 x 10 ft. units. That’s a lot of storage space!

What About Santa’s Sleigh?

But if taken a step further, this could certainly be an answer to the age-old question of how Santa delivers all those presents using just his sleigh. He obviously makes a lot of trips back and forth to his storage units in each town! He loads up the sleigh and makes his rounds in Seattle, Santa Clara, San Pedro, Portland, Pasco, Fremont, and all cities in between.

Aside from presents, there could be other items that Santa would put into a storage unit. For instance, when the sleigh isn’t in use (which is to say 364 days of the year), it’s got to be kept somewhere safe and dry. A storage unit fits the bill! Just how big remains to be seen, but we would imagine a fairly big one that is a drive-up unit rather than an inside one would make the most sense.

What do Reindeer Eat?

Then there are all those reindeer. We’re not suggesting they be put into storage, but they do need to eat and that reindeer feed needs to go somewhere. But what do reindeer eat? We did some in-depth research and came to the conclusion that it’s a combination of carrots, oatmeal, and apples.

Then there is the big man himself. Santa, as we all know, wears a red coat and pants, a pair of boots, a belt, and his signature cap. But one has to make the assumption that he owns more than one set of these items, no? A rolling clothes rack, or several, containing backup outfits would seem to be a good fit for a storage unit. We’re not going to even get into how to store all the elves’ clothing. And we assume Mrs. Claus has her own substantial wardrobe.

We’re sure there are a lot more things that Santa and his crew need to store. We’ve already written our Christmas letter to St. Nick letting him know that we’ve got plenty of room for everything he’s got and are hopeful that we’ve made the nice (not naughty) list this year.

About the Author: Derek Hines

About the Author: Derek Hines

Digital Marketing Specialist

Derek is originally from the great state of Wisconsin (go Badgers), but is slowly becoming a Pacific Northwesterner. As part of the Digital Marketing team, he writes extensively on storage, moving and life for West Coast Self-Storage, based in Everett, Washington.