4 Best Neighborhoods to Live
in the Tri-Cities, Washington

If you’re contemplating a move to the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco, or Kennewick, you’ll want to know where to live.  Below, we’ve outlined the best neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities.


West Richland, WA Neighborhood

Average Home Value: $468,742​ (March 2023)

West Richland WA House

Of all the neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities, West Richland may be the nicest. It’s got all the factors that people look for when moving to an area – first-rate schools, plenty of parks, a low crime rate (one of the safest in Washington), and a nice selection of upscale homes. West Richland is also located near the Red Mountain AVA, featuring numerous wineries and tasting rooms. The city, located across the Yakima River from Richland, continues to grow with new homes and businesses coming in, including restaurants and shops. With its blend of urban and rural settings, there is something for everyone here.


West Pasco, WA Neighborhood

Average Home Price: $680,000 (March 2023)

West Pasco WA House

West Pasco is a growing area located (you guessed it) just west of Pasco proper. The area has grown tremendously in the last few years with an influx of new residents drawn to the low cost of living and the new job openings as a result of the uptick in commercial development along Road 68. West Pasco now boasts one of the higher per capita incomes in the state. West Pasco offers nice, well-established neighborhoods as well as newer developments.


South Richland, WA Neighborhood

Average Home Price: $495,086 (March 2023)

South Richland WA House

South Richland has also seen a significant rise in growth over the last decade. The area, bordered on the west by Steptoe Blvd and the Yakima River Delta to the north, has some very nice residential developments, especially in areas south of Keene Road. These include developments such as Applewood Estates, where you can still get a 2500 sq. ft. home for under $350k.  South Richland has major shopping outlets such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and others. It’s also home to a number of churches including the mammoth Bethel Church. If it’s hiking you like, the neighborhood is adjacent to the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, featuring six scenic hiking trails that offer great views of the Tri-Cities.


Southridge (Kennewick), WA Neighborhood

Average Home Price: $413,850 (March 2023)

Canyon Lakes GC Southridge WA

As you approach Kennewick from the south, the first neighborhood you’ll come to is Southridge. A highly sought-after area, Southridge consists of an ever-increasing number of restaurants and shops. It also has a state-of-the-art hospital, a library, a top-notch high school, and a sports complex. In short, Southridge has everything close at hand to make life comfortable. If golf is your thing, the Canyon Lakes Golf Course is just east of Hwy 395. Other activities include the Southridge Farmer’s Market, the Gesa Carousel of Dreams, and the 9-11 Memorial.


Where to Live in the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities has a number of great neighborhoods, each with a distinct character and feel to them. If you’re planning a relocation to Eastern Washington, take some time to visit each area to determine if it’s the right fit for you. If you need self-storage, Broadmoor Storage Solutions and Ryder’s RV & Self Storage are both conveniently located in Pasco.