The Steps Storage Facilities Take to Ensure a Pest-Free Environment for Your Possessions

Renting self-storage is a great way to keep your possessions safe when you are moving, renovating, traveling, or heading home for the summer. However, if you are not cautious with the way your belongings are stored, you might find yourself dealing with unpleasant surprises that you did not expect to be a part of your storage service. That is why when it comes to storing your valuables and hard-earned possessions, finding the right self-storage facility is very crucial.

To make sure that your possessions remain fully protected and you get the peace of mind you need, professional storage facilities typically employ an integrated pest management approach that includes:


calendar open on deskScheduling Regular Pest Inspections

This is one very important factor that will help you differentiate a good storage facility from the ones that are simply average. Good storage facilities try to create as tight a seal as possible by using weather stripping on the door, and sealing around the perimeter so pests cannot enter the units even through incredibly small gaps. They also schedule regular pest control inspections to identify all potential entry points and harborage zones that might encourage an infestation.


Taking Preventive Action

Regular pest control inspections efficiently reveal vulnerabilities that are addressed in time by commercial pest control services that also perform structural maintenance to close all potential entry points that have been identified during inspections. Better storage facilities also have an effective sanitation program in place to eliminate all the possibilities of an infestation so you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe.


Ensuring Dry, Climate Controlled Conditions

Self-storage units also have a strict cleanliness policy where regular checks ensure the area surrounding the self-storage units is free from moisture. All the guttering and downspouts surrounding the site are well maintained and the water is channeled away from storage locker facilities so that it does not pool and become stagnant. Certain storage facilities also have a drip system in place to prevent the stagnation of pooled rainfall water.


man spraying pesticideConducting Pest Control Treatments

Only a customer-centric self-storage facility works closely with commercial pest control services and stays updated with the best methods while being vigilant for any signs of pest infestations to keep the units as secure as possible. So, as a potential customer, you should take a tour of the storage facility and learn about the pest control techniques that are employed if the possibility of an infestation is identified. Ideally, any good storage facility should have an integrated pest management approach in place to deal with rodent or pest problems.




Monitoring and Maintaining Cleanliness

Since pest control is an ongoing procedure for any professional self-storage facility, all the storage units are constantly monitored for pest activity, for identifying any impending infestations and for eliminating the existing ones. The commercial pest control services visit the facility on a weekly basis while the in-house employees stay cognizant of any signs of pest activity, so potential customers never have to deal with pest presence.

So, if you are looking for a reliable self-storage facility, be sure to check with the facility operator and see if they have partnered with commercial pest control services before placing your belongings in a self-storage unit. West Coast Self-Storage is one such facility that actually goes the extra mile to offer you an excellent storage experience with pest-free storage spaces, high-tech security, climate-controlled conditions and convenient access hours.

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