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Looking for moving boxes and packing supplies? Cascade NW Self Storage has you covered. Our office doubles as a complete retail packaging center, offering packing boxes in numerous sizes, specialty boxes for items such as mirrors, glasses, lamps, and more. We also sell products that will keep your belongings safe in transit such as packing peanuts, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and more. If you have furniture to move, we have protective items including furniture covers, mattress bags, and more. If you don’t exactly know what you need, our storage professionals can offer advice on the type and quantity of shipping boxes and moving supplies you’ll need.

Moving boxes Arlington, WA at Cascade NW Self Storage

Here are just a few of the items Cascade NW Self Storage carries in our store:


Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Small Sized Box–1.5 CF
  • Medium Sized Box–3.0 CF
  • Medium-Large Sized Box–4.5 CF
  • XL (Large) Sized Box–6 CF

Specialty Boxes

  • Large Mirror Box
  • Small Mirror Box
  • Wardrobe Box–20″ Wide w/ Bar
  • Lamp Carton
  • Dish Box–5 CF
  • File Box w/ Lid
  • EZ Pack For Dishes
  • EZ Pack For Glasses

Moving Kits

  • Quick Pak—5 small boxes, 3 medium boxes, 2 large boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 1 roll of tear-by-hand packing tape, and 1 external carton—BIG SAVINGS!
  • Storage Pak—10 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, 3 large boxes, 2 rolls of tape w/ dispenser, and 1 external carton— BIG SAVINGS!
Packing supplies Arlington, WA at Cascade NW Self Storage

Packing Supplies

After you’ve calculated the number and size of boxes you’ll need, you’ll want to protect their contents. Here are a variety of packing supplies to keep your stuff safe and sound.

  • Foam Peanuts
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Dish Cell Kit
  • Dish Pack Cell Kit
  • Glass Cell Kit
  • Wrapping Paper

Mattress & Furniture Covers

Protect your furniture and mattresses while in transit with our furniture covers and mattress bags.

  • Twin Mattress Bags (2 Pack)
  • Full Mattress Bag
  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • King Mattress Bag
  • Sofa Cover
  • Chair Cover (2 Pack)
  • Dust Cover (10′ x 20′)
  • Clear Flat Shrink Wrap (5″ x 1000′)

Moving Supplies

Seal your boxes and secure them in your vehicle with these moving supplies.

  • 2 Roll Tape Gun
  • Cylinder Lock (Packaged)
  • Premium Clear Packing Tape 2″ x 55yd
  • White Nylon Rope
  • Standard Tape 2″ x 55yd Clear
  • Tear-by-hand packing Tape 2″ x 55yd Clear
  • Sure-Grip Gloves

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